RFP Planning Glossary

Identification of the Principal Investigator for this action

Provide the name, title, and contact information of the Principal Investigator submitting the Requirements Document.

Identification of the Project Task Award (PTA) number

Provide the Project Task Award (PTA) number associated with the procurement. Present a brief overview of what the Requirements Document covers.

Purpose and objective(s) of the procurement

Describe the overall effect the requirement will achieve. State the specific objectives of this procurement. Provide a broad, non-technical statement of the nature of the work to be performed and the result that GW expects to achieve.

Contractor responsibilities (if applicable)

Define and explain the work the contractor will perform. Identify the specific tasks, steps, and sequence of the work. Identify the methodologies, specifications, standards, studies, and other documentation the contractor will use.

GW responsibilities

List GW-furnished data, property, or facilities that GW will provide to the contractor. Provide the name, title, and contact information of the GW point of contact.

Contract deliverables

Describe all of the following:

  • Progress/status reports, findings, and other pertinent data, including the frequency of reporting and specific due dates.
  • Data deliverables (e.g., final report, technical data, etc.) at contract completion.
  • Packing, packaging, and marking requirements for items.
Period of performance

State when the work will begin and end. Identify interim periods of performance for discreet deliverables

Place of performance

Indicate the location of where the work is to be performed (e.g., GW, contractor facility, or other identified location).

Inspection and acceptance

List the criteria for acceptance of deliverables. Explain how GW will determine whether the contractor has successfully performed. Indicate what will be inspected. Identify who will perform the inspection. Explain how acceptance or rejection will be communicated to the contractor

Evaluating criteria

List the criteria that the evaluation will be based on. If necessary, request Procurement to provide example(s)

Evaluating Committee

List (in odd numbers), three or more members to evaluate offers

Independent Cost Estimate

Provide an independent estimate only on Federal acquisitions expected to exceed $150K.

Point of Contacts

Provide the email and phone number of contacts