Procurement Card (PCard)

The MFA Procurement-Card (PCard) is a “corporate liability” card; the MFA pays the transaction charges weekly. A P-Card is issued to a specific individual. The card is used by authorized MFA staff to purchase small-dollar items ($3,500) for MFA use. The authorized cardholder is able to purchase directly on behalf of the MFA, thereby facilitating tax-exempt purchases.

Roles & Responsibilities


The above link provides an overview of responsibilities of MFA cardholders authorized to transact business or complete purchases on the MFA’s behalf.


The above link provides an overview of the responsibilities of an Approver, who is the individual assigned to a Cardholder to ensure compliance with p-card guidance.


Only the PGA or authorized Backup named in the PCard Enrollment Form shall be allowed to make changes to p-card thresholds.


PCard Support

Emergency calls after 5:00 pm weekdays and weekends Call the number on the back of your card.
Report lost card or fraudulent charge(s) immediately to JP Morgan 800-316-6056 (U.S./Canada)

847-488-3748 (Outside North America, call collect)
PCard Program Help Desk 571-553-4267 or Email pcard@mfa.gwu.edu