Steps to Access MFA iBuy + Concur P2P Applications

Steps to Access MFA iBuy+ Concur P2P Applications


  • Open an “Incognito Browser” window in Chrome or a “Private Window” in Safari
  • Enter / Go to:
  • Select: iBuy + Concur Portal
  • Enter the information - your net id is generally the name (firstlastname) before the in your email address.
  • Select the SSO option – see the graphics below
  • You will need to authenticate the first time you access Concur. Use the "different method" for a code to be sent to your mobile phone.
  • The Concur home page should appear.

If a password reset is needed:

Single Sign-on to iBuy:

GW's iBuy Login requires that you use your email address to log in.

  • Enter your email address, and click next.

Note:  If you have multiple Single Sign-on (SSO) accounts such as one with MFA, you may want to leave "Remember me" unchecked.

First SSO logon screenshot
  • Click Sign in with GW SSO.
2nd screenshot of SSO sign on