Advarra Participants Payment Solution

The Advarra Participant Payments solution is the MFA’s preferred payment option for research study participants. The solution streamlines the payment of human subject research participants and reduces the administrative burden associated with these transactions.

The Advarra Participant Payment solution allows MFA users (depending on their assigned roles) to do the following:

  • Define the Protocol payment information (the task the participant will complete and the associated payment amount(s))
  • Enroll participants into Advarra
  • Assign participants’ Advarra accounts to specific studies, and
  • Pay the participant. The participant can choose one of three payment options: a reloadable debit card, an electronic funds transfer to a bank account the participant defines, or a paper check.

MFA users will only be able to access data for studies that are assigned to the individual user.

The use of Advarra Participant Payment must be part of your approved IRB application before you can start using Advarra for your research.  For new studies that do not have IRB approval yet, please include information about Advarra use for human subject payment in your initial submission.  If you wish to use Advarra in an on-going study that already has IRB approval, you will need to submit a modification to the IRB for the study and obtain approval before you begin using Forte.

This new solution is considered the preferred method of making payments to our study participants, however, we understand certain studies may require an exception.   

For questions about the Advarra system, please send an email to or contact Kate Weber at