Paying A Bill

The Payables Overview provides information about interfacing with, and submitting invoices to, MFA Payables for payment processing.

MFA Payables payment responsibilities include:

Payables Overview

Supplier Requirements

Before payment can be made to any individual, entity, or corporation otherwise known as a “Supplier", specific requirements must be met.

Policies and Forms
Acceptable Documentation

Original invoices are required. However, invoices that come to MFA Payables through iBuy+ Invoice are considered originals.

Acceptable documentation is:

  • Original invoices
  • Fully executed contracts
  • Letter agreements
  • Other viable document that shows an obligation due a vendor/supplier

MFA Payables does not accept, as viable evidence of an outstanding obligation to a supplier/vendor:

  • Proforma invoices, written estimates, written quotes, packing slips, emails, statements or similar documents. Such documents will not be accepted as evidence of an obligation and will not be used to disburse payment.

A valid invoice should be requested from all suppliers. It must include the following:

  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Company Name, Address, etc.
  • Remittance Address, if different from above
  • Amount Due

In certain instances, however, a supplier may submit an invoice without an invoice number. In those instances, the department should utilize the invoice number protocol when submitting the invoice to MFA Payables.

An invoice submission requires supporting documentation. Any submission without supporting documentation will be returned by MFA Payables. The submitter or approver will be informed of the return and given instructions on how to resolve the issue(s) via the ‘Comments’ box in iBuy+ Invoice.

Sponsored project related invoices must have OVPR’s approval. These invoices are routed automatically within iBuy+ Invoice to OVPR.

Under no circumstances should an invoice be modified, including handwritten notations, to improve readability and legibility. MFA Payables personnel will not process an invoice that is illegible and/or difficult to read. The document must stand on its own.

A W-9, W8 BEN, or Worker’s Classification Statement, if applicable, is required.

  • For individuals, such as independent contractors/consultants, a Worker’s Classification form must be completed by the department/school/organization hiring the individual. It is encouraged for the form to be completed and submitted to the Tax Department before the work begins.
  • A W8 BEN is required for each international individual or entity. A W8 BEN has a three year life. It expires at the end of the third year following the signature date on the form.
Invoice Submission

All commercial supplier invoices and internally created invoices, such as awards, honorariums, prizes and non-employee expense reimbursements must be submitted through iBuy+ Invoice. iBuy+ Invoice allows our users to route invoices for approval via ‘workflow lite’ as required by each departments’ internal authorization policies.

Processing and Payments

Allow three to five business days after the invoice/payment request is received by MFA Payables within iBuy+ Invoice for processing. Processing means the invoice/payment request has been posted to Oracle/EAS. It will be eligible for payment when the payment terms are met.

Invoices/payment requests are paid within payment terms set at the supplier master level. MFA’s payment terms, in general, are 30 days. If you have a supplier, including individuals, with different payment terms, work with Procurement and/or Supplier Maintenance to update the terms.

Payment cycles occur on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, unless there is a holiday. In the event of a holiday, MFA Payables will “pay through” to the first business day following the holiday.

The preferred method of payment is JP Morgan Single Use Card or ACH/electronic payments. Domestic suppliers can provide their banking information through iSupply.  An international supplier can complete the Electronic Payment Form and submit the form to the Supplier Maintenance team via the email .

Suppliers should ensure the information provided is accurate and complete to avoid payment delivery issues. Further, it is recommended when a supplier has any questions about the banking information required to promote electronic payment delivery; they should work directly with their bank.

Final Thoughts to Ensure Smooth Payments
  • Submit invoices in a timely manner to MFA Payables via iBuy+ Invoice by sending them to Concur Capture. You are strongly encouraged to take advantage of Capture for your commercial supplier invoices. Capture ‘lifts’ information, such as invoice number, invoice date, and invoice amount, from the invoice and creates an entry form. The form with the invoice attached is sent to the PO requester or the end-user identified on the invoice. The email address for Capture is
  • Make sure there are sufficient funds on the Purchase Order or for non-PO payments we have signature approval.
  • If you want to know the status of an invoice, search the invoice in iBuy+ Invoice or review the AP-255 Invoice Inquiry Report in EAS. All department users should have access to EAS. Please visit EAS Training and Support and select the Learn about EAS Reports link.
  • Review our Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • By submitting electronically, you will be notified when the payment request has been received and when it is processed.
  • You can send email inquiries to or contact MFA Payables Customer Service at 571-553-0247.
  • The suppliers’ payment will be sent to the address or the banking site they have indicated on their invoice or the payment request form.
  • Receive goods timely.

Questions can be directed to MFA Payables Customer Service at or 571-553-0247.