Chapter 3 – Requisitions

Information presented on the requisition provides the basis for Bids or RFPs sent to potential bidders or offerors supplying the needed goods or services. The requisition serves to inform the buyer of the needs of the department and to fully define the material or services requested. An accurate and well-planned requisition will ensure the completion of an economical and timely procurement transaction.

3.1 Pre-Planning

  1. It is important departments to invest a sufficient amount of time in preparing their requisitions for the items or services needed. Departments must remember that their requisitions will determine what they will receive and how quickly they will receive it. Any additional information supplied to the buyer will help the purchasing process flow smoothly (e.g., suggested suppliers, manufacturer or model numbers, previous POs, brochures or literature). However, if a department has critical, complex or expensive requirements, these should be coordinated with the buyer prior to the issuance of the requisition.
  2. The formal Bid or RFP process (for procurements valued over $250,000) may take 45-90 days from the time of receipt of specifications to final approval.  Administrative lead time for purchasing includes preparation of the bid or proposal documents and review by the using department prior to release (mailing). 
  3. The rule, "Five W's and an H” should be used when preparing or reviewing a requisition.
  • Who: Who needs it? Who will receive the goods or services? Who will administer the contract and ensure compliance by the supplier? Who are the recommended suppliers? Who is authorized to approve the requisition?
  • What: What is needed (e.g., item, service, installation, training, warranty)? What are the critical features that the department must have? What funds will be used to pay for the item? What is the budget estimate? What are the criteria for acceptance or rejection?
  • Where: Where must the item be delivered? Where will it be used?
  • When: When must the item arrive or service be provided? When will the department personnel be at the location to receive the item?
  • Why: Why is the item needed? Why is the delivery time important? Why are certain features important?
  • How: How is the item to be used? How is it to be packaged for delivery?

3.2 Requisition Preparation

A purchase requisition is the initiating document required for the purchase of items and the engagement of service providers. Purchase requisitions transfer the authority to expend funds. This document is prepared electronically through the Enterprise Accounting System (EAS) financial system by authorized individuals within departments. Depending on various elements and method of procurement, P2P staff will convert the purchase requisition into a PO.

Typical components of a Requisition:

  • Description of the requirement;
  • Quantity of the item(s) to be procured;
  • Delivery or performance requirements;
  • Any recommended special packaging and marking requirements;
  • Inspection and acceptance requirements;
  • Recommended sources;
  • Any recommended special contract administration requirements;
  • Any recommended special provisions or clauses (e.g., options, MFA-furnished property, grant flow-through terms and conditions, contract template etc.);
  • Any recommended price-related factors for award;
  • Any recommended non-price evaluation factors for award (if any);
  • Justifications and approvals for other than full and open competition (if needed);
  • Acquisition plan (if required for federal funds);
  • Determination that a pre-bid or pre-proposal conference is needed; and
  • Independent cost estimate/acquisition plan (if required for federal funds).
  • Procurement will review and approve the requisition and complete the contracting process once all documentation is received. Please remember:

  • Should major deficiencies or omissions be identified, the requisition shall be suspended and the department contacted to supply any missing information or to make the necessary corrections.
  • Failure to provide the needed documentation within three business days may cause the requisition to be returned to your department for further processing.