Chapter 1 - Introduction

The procedures described in this manual have been prepared to ensure the best possible service to all concerned at the Medical Faculty Associates, Inc (MFA) and are a summary guide for all employees engaged in procurement activities. The manual clarifies procedures and objectives necessary to procure goods and services for our departments as expediently as possible and at the best value for the MFA.

1.1 Procure-to-Pay Department

The Procure-to-Pay Department (P2P) is ready to assist departments in obtaining quality goods and services at competitive prices with responsive and responsible service while ensuring timely delivery. The P2P staff, which primarily consists of buyers, payment processors and analysts, has been assigned responsibilities to support procurement activities on behalf of the MFA. 

1.2 How to Contact Procure-to-Pay

P2P is a support department whose major goal is to help all departments through the identification of a need through to the final payment to the supplier. To this end, P2P has been divided into teams dedicated to Goods and Services, Contracts Management, Payables, Procurement Cards (P-Cards) and Supplier Registration. A current listing of team and commodity assignments is maintained on the departmental website at: The Procure-to-Pay Team.

1.3 MFA Procurement Code of Ethics

In all of their personal and professional dealings with departments, and the supplier community, all employees of the MFA shall be guided by the conduct and disciplinary provisions of the MFA Procurement Code of Ethics.